Wish List

Our program relies on the donations of the items listed below to support the administration of our programs and our survivors in their pursuit of self-sufficiency. If you are willing to donate any of these items, please call our office at 504-277-3177. You can also click here and choose from the many items listed.

Women's and Children's Needs
Non-Perishable Healthy Snacks
Microwave Popcorn   Pretzels   Wheat Thins
Fruit Roll-ups   Cheese Crackers   Fruit Cups
Cookies   Juice Boxes   Powdered Juice
Fruit Snacks   Animal Crackers    
Non-Perishable Food Items
Pasta   Peanut Butter   Baby Formula
Baby Cereal   Rice/Beans   Canned Goods
Coffee   Cooking Oil   Fruits & Vegetables
Cake Mixes   Icing   Muffin Cups
Art/School Supplies
Crayons   Thin Markers   Thick Markers
Colored Pencils   Pencils   Erasers
Pencil Sharpeners   Glue   Notebooks
Journals   Scissors   Book Bags
Sketch Pads   Activity Books   Coloring Books
Photo Albums   Finger Paint   Posters
Personal Care Items
Shampoo   Conditioner   Deodorant
Toothpaste   Lotion   Liquid Hand Soap
Personal Hygiene   Mouthwash   Ethnic Hair Products
Items   Blow Dryers   Diapers / Wipes
Toothbrushes   Combs/Brushes   Curling Irons
Baby Lotion   Medications(OTC)    
Disposable Razors        
Apparel For Women and Children
Pajamas   Socks   Underwear
Purses   Shoes   Slippers
Robes   Jewelry   Umbrellas
Rain Hats   School Uniforms    
Sheets/Pillow   Blankets   Bedspreads
Cases   Bath Towels   Decorative Pillows
Bed Pillows   Wash Cloths   Kitchen Towels
Hand Towels   Pot Holders    
General Supplies For Shelter and Office Use
Office Supplies
Post-It Notes   Office Depot Gift Cards   Paperclips
Staples   Glue Sticks   Binder clips
Scotch Tape   Pens/Pencils   Postage Stamps
Plain Business Envelopes   White Copy Paper   Colored Paper
Hanging File Folders   File Folders   File Folder Labels
Wrapping Paper   Bows   All Occasion Cards
Construction Paper   Highlighters   Pencil Boxes
Loose-leaf Paper   Composition Books   Notebooks
General Supplies
Dishwashing Liquid   Dish Soap   Kleenex Tissues
Paper Towels   Toilet Tissue   Disinfectant
Paper Plates   Paper Cups   Plastic Flatware
Trash Bags   Garbage Bags   Aluminum Foil
Ziploc Bags (All Sizes)   Batteries   Bleach
Brooms/Mops/Dustpans   Insect Spray   Iron & Board
Spray Lysol   Portable Fans   Pots & Pans
Small Appliances   Step Stools   Ladders
Coffee Cups   Dishes   Storage Containers
Shovels   Rakes   Hoes
Outdoor Toys   Weed Killer   Ant Killer
Cake Pans   Cookie Sheets   Paint
Paint Supplies   Dryer Sheets   Floor Cleaner
Medicine Dispensers   First Aid Supplies   Film to Document Abuse
Alarm Clocks   Toys   Cell Phone Minutes
Sewing Kits