Legal/Court Advocacy


Court Advocates provide assistance to victims of domestic violence in exercising their legal rights under the Louisiana Revised Statutes relative to domestic violence. Court Advocates inform victims of their legal options and assist them in pursuing the option that provides the most safety to them and their children. While this includes filing for Orders of Protection in civil court and advocating for the victim to receive the Protective Order, it also includes advocating for victims to secure Louisiana Crime Victims Reparation Program victim compensation. The Court Advocate also assists in providing linkage to legal representation through Southeast Louisiana Legal Services for legal representation in court and also assistance in obtaining a divorce, child custody, child support, and other benefits protected by the Violence Against Women Act.  For more information, contact our Court Advocate at 504-277-3177, Ext. 210.

A Protective Order prohibits a perpetrator from committing further acts of domestic violence, harassing or threatening the victim or their friends and relatives, and from going to the school or day-care where the child(ren) attend.